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Good service and very good pricing. Very happy with the overall in regards to, customer service, follow ups and service delivery.

Rob Gavin Sales Director, ABS Ltd, UK.

No problems whatsoever. The pricing was very good, customer service was really efficient and the service was delivered as promised. I am really happy with the overall service and look forward to doing more business with GTP . Make sure that you keep on providing me with these amazing rates :-)

Jennie Brown International Sales, Bulls Presstjänst AB , Sweden.

I was very satisfied with the overall service, the pricing was very good and the customer service was more than helpful. I look forward to future businesses together.

Daphne Cardenas Head Of Sales, Marketing specialist, Classique Eyewear, inc., USA.

The first reservation we had was good, the one after that was perfect, the pricing was amazing, customer service was very efficient and the service delivery was as promised, thank you guys.

Valérie GuillermeB+ Equipment, France.

No problems at all, service is very good, prompt responses from customer serviceand rates are always good I am really excited about your new web portal cause as it will be very convenient to book everything online. I hope to continue doing great business together.

Jennifer Shao Changzhou Quality Flag Industry Co., Ltd, China.

No issues whatsoever. The prices that we had were really good, the service that we were promised was completely fulfilled I wish that in the future I will have personnel to handle my company’s reservations throughout the year.

Araceli De LeonMarketing Communications Manager, Parex USA Incorporated, USA.

From a scale of 1 to 5 I will rate everything to 4. Not because you did something wrong but because I am sure that in the future you will earn the 5 easily after doing more businesses together. My experience was really good, and I was a bit worried at the beginning cause I didn't know the company, but I have been very happy with the overall service, thank you so much GTP.

Dolphy MachadoHead Of Sale, ACG North America, USA.